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Originally Posted by Tyburn
I dont know exactly. I am refering to whats probably a covert opporation between Several Western Powers.

The United States HAS definately used this tactic before in the past. They have supported uprisings, and they have also sponcered assassination attempts particularly if the leaders of the country they have issues with are Communist. The British Government wouldnt say no to taking part in such a stealth opporation either. I dont think we are quite as well trained, so we probably would only take part if it were a joint international mission. thing we can say for sure. It dont involve the French
Originally Posted by Tyburn

The West is foolish if it hasnt seized this as an opportunity to remove such a monsterous regieme....and I think that is alright to do. They are doing nothing but silently aiding an oppressed people who have organized themselves. Its not intervention, or soverignty stealing...its supporting the democratic majority since they dare to stand up for themselves

I thought you were implying that the US should take this opportunity to intervene.

And I was thinking of your stance on our foreign affairs right now. Just having a hard time jiving the two.

Anyway, you know me well, go ahead and play out that debate in your head for me. I am short on time right now. And I'm sure that you can come up with my questions to you relating to being consistent with your advice to the young US.

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