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Do you ever wonder why the countries directly surrounded by Iran and Iraq and have the most to lose or gain by regime change never step up? The people within Iran who want change are the ones who need to make it happen, and yes, with their blood and even death. Our forefathers did it here and our brave men and women continue to do it over there in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm all for helping those in need, but I don't think we need to commit our already over-extended military to yet another country's internal conflict. We need to start taking care of our own country and our people, our men and women coming back facing terrible life-changing mental and physical ordeals for the rest of their lives.

They said earlier on tv that they are going ahead with swearing in whats-his-name (sorry, that's what I'm calling him or just Am'jad) as the official winner of the election. Hopefully, the people will continue to protest and flood the streets and continue to get video out to the rest of the world as to what's happening so this government can't hide it's corrupt and evil ways.
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