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Originally Posted by Bonnie
Well, remember, Nathan's post about "self-esteem" how they used the example of the guy who tries out for football, but isn't picked. How he would probably have been third-string and never played so he should look at it that he should try something else that might turn out to be something he is really good at instead of feeling "rejected". In other words, maybe football wasn't the right thing for him and there is something else he was meant to do more.

Instead of looking at it like God "barred" you from the Church, maybe you should look at it like it wasn't meant for you to be there at that particular time (no matter how it came about--"politics", etc...). God may have been "protecting" you from being in a bad situation with people who would only try to make your life miserable. I believe things happen or don't happen for a reason in our lives. Search your heart, Dave, and really think about the pros and cons of applying and possibly getting this job and how it would affect/change things at this point in your life.

For example, would you have to give up something you really enjoy doing or that you're really good at in order to take this job and would it be worth it to you--the trade-off. But if you do decide to apply and they don't pick you, don't think of it as them "rejecting" you (I know it's hard not to look at it like that), but rather that that isn't where you're meant to be at this time and maybe God needs you somewhere else fulfilling His purpose. Ask God to put you where He needs you, Dave; who knows, it might be the very place "you" are wanting to be.

God Bless!
thats exactly what i was trying to say,,how come it sounds so much better when you say it Bonnie?

anyway what i'm trying to say here is,,very well said.

And May God Bless you to Bonnie,
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