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Originally Posted by Tyburn
The problem is like this. I got badly burned by the church and although I loved to work in the Cathedral I felt that GOD had kinda barred me from that work again.

I wouldnt apply to any Cathedral, it would need to be large and within a big city for me to want to go. Sailsbury is sorta like that...half of me doesnt want to apply if its just a waste of time and they are gonna reject me...half of me doesnt want to apply because ive started to get my self established up here...and its not really the right financial time to change jobs if you ain certain

...but part of me would really like to give up and just go back into the Church again
well Tyburn i know first hand as many do on this site that making a life changing decision can be very trying at the best of times but my advice to you would be this,
ask yourself where you would be happier,,in your current situation or the one that has presented its self to you,,

if it turns out to be the latter then by all means apply for the position and dont worry about rejection,,we all have faced rejection in our lives and although it may be unpleasant it really is something that helps to build character in all of us,,

do what makes you happy,,i dont think enough of us do that anymore,

good luck with what ever you decide.
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