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Originally Posted by Tyburn

Its so that English speaking people who get covered by the journalism can understand whats going on. to ANY English speaking country...

I havent heard ANY Major English speaking power mention this. The United States seems more preoccupied with Obama swating a fly, and the United Kingdom is to busy trying to sort out its own corrupt Government, and Europe is split between those who dont want a consitution, and those who want Tony Blair to become "President of Europe"

Talk about bad timing. The truth is, as long as both Iran and Korea keep their heads bowed, the west wont move against them, they have enough to deal with in Afghanistan AND Iraq....which ultimately means, this civil uprising will probably be squashed eventually.

The sad fact is it would take virtually nothing for a Western power to infiltrate and distroy another terrorist regieme, this time WITHOUT the war. We see no takers from any Western the future, you watch as the west goes to war with Iran and remember to remind your leaders they dropped the ball on a peaceful way to reach their goals because they couldnt be bothered.

Its so sad
Well, a recent video that I say showed the Iranians chanting "Yes we can!" which was the slogan for Barack Obama's campaign during the last few weeks. Sounds to me like they are specifically asking for help from America. They're probably under the false assumption that Barack Obama actually has some substance behind all of his flowery speeches. Unfortunately, their disappointment when they learn the reality will be followed shortly by their slaughter.
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