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Default If you can...........

Jordan Terry was a warrior as most of you know, He become ill a year ago from a mole on his back,it was malignant melonoma,which is skin cancer,it spread very quickly,then we found out it was in his bones,but he kept fighting and he was so strong,he was the bravest person i know,he had chemotherapy,he went on a clinical trial,and he had radiotherapy on his body but it was getting worse,On monday 5th january he was very ill we took him into hospital and we found out he had 3 tumors on his brain,and unfortunatly he didnt last 24hours,he fell asllep on tuesday 6th january,he was not in any pain and he didn't struggle. Jordan was everything to me and im very proud of him.He will never be forgotten,he will remain in my heart untill we meet again.
I will never stop loving you jordan u was my rock,my brother,MY your lil sis xxxxxx
Sweetdreams My Soldier.xxxxxx

This is a message from Jordan Terry's sister, this guy i went to school with, in my year, about 150 of us, all boys school from 11-16. He was a friend, not really close but friends, hadn't seen him for a while now but knew he was unwell.

Well anyway, he was one of those kids at school who was hard as nails, lot of fights, getting in trouble and into capers, but he was a joker, and never a bully, always loud, and vibrant. The point being, i had a lot of respect for him at school and all there liked him. He would stick up for people.

Well as you can see, he died recently just a few days after his 23rd birthday. Its the first of my generation that i have known to die. So feel sad, not for me but it just makes you think upon your own life and how not to take it for granted.

It's his funeral tommorrow that i am attending and i just wanted to ask for prayers/thoughts for his family and his girlfriend who are obviously in a great deal of pain.

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