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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
O crap, Joe says they've already had some questionable decisions. Great, can't wait to see what they f'ed up.
according to mmajunkie...tibeau vs guillard was a shocking decision.


Round 1 - The fighters collide and both miss on punches. Back to the center of the cage, and Guillard lands two quick punches before Tibau retreats. Guillard tags him again when he closes distance. Tibau shoots from halfway across the cage and puts Guillard against the cage, but the "Young Assassin" quickly reverses the position. Tibau again reverses and puts Guillard against the cage and dips for the takedown. Guillard initially fends it off before he's taken to the mat. Tibau can't keep him there, and Guillard quickly gets back to his feet. The pace slows as the fighters patiently circle. Guillard land a lunging one-two that finds its mark. Tibau though then connects on a combo of his own. Guillard lands a loud kick to the body, but Tibau forces him to the mat. As Guillard tries to get back up, Tibau scoops him and slams him to the center of the mat. Guillard braces for the takedown, though, and gets back to his feet by knocking Tibau clear off him. Guillard, looking much more patient than usual, slowly backs Tibau into the cage before delivering a shot as the round ends. scores a close first round for Tibau, 10-9, based largely on takedowns.

Round 2 - After a lull in action. Tibau again shoots from halfway across the cage and crashes Guillard into the cage. Guillard fends off the takedown, though, and delivers an elbow. Tibau dips for the double leg and then single, but Guillard balances to avoid the takedown before sending Tibau head over heels with a nifty toss. Tibau gets back to his feet, and we start again. "Melvin! Melvin!" chants begin, and the UFC's bad boy is starting to win over some fans here at The Pearl. Tibau connects on the first part of a one-two combo before he dips and shoots. Guillard fends off the takedown, but Tibau stays clinched and pins his opponent against the cage. Tibau finally gets the takedown, but Guillard gets to his feet with no damage. Guillard has now officially entered the longest fight of his UFC career, according to Scott Sherman of the Salt Lake Trib, who's sitting next to me. Guillard takes the center of the cage, and now he's perhaps being a little too patient. The pace slows before Guillard connects with a body kick. Tibau shoots and pulls Guillard's legs out from under him to get the takedown. Guillard tries to walk up the cage with his back, but Tibau keeps him on the mat as the round ends. scores it 10-9 for Tibau based on overall octagon control.

Round 3 - The final frame is underway, and Guillard needs to get busy. He connects early with a lunging shot, avoids a counter but eats the next one. Tibau then shoots and swiftly takes Guillard to the mat. Tibau frees a leg and works from half guard, but as usual, Tibau delivers no blows. However, he finally secures the mount position. Guillard pulls him close but eats a few short forearm strikes. Guillard tries to buck free, but Tibau is locked in tight with the mount position. Tibau delivers a few punches from above. Guillard initially avoids damage, but Tibau creates some distance and lands a couple nice shots. Guillard secures one leg, and Tibau works from half guard. Tibau now connects with better frequency with short punches and then puts a forearm across Guillard's neck. The crowds wants a standup, but Tibau is staying busy. Guillard bucks his way free and finally gets back to his feet. Guillard shoots himself and sends Tibau careening into the cage possibly with a case of shiplash. Tibau, though, avoids the takedown and then again takes Guillard back down, killing the energy of the crowd. Working from half guard, Tibau drops an elbow strike drom above and then works punches to the body. The strikes continue for the final 20 seconds of the fight as Tibau secures mount again. scores it 10-9 for Tibau. Melvin Guillard def. Gleison Tibau via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28). Shocking decision.

Blackburn was questionable apparently as well


Round 1 - Kim Winslow gets things started, and we're underway. Blackburn lands a nice one-two combo that staggers Garcia just seconds into the back. Garcia quickly answers, but Blackburn again connects. Garcia clinches, Blackburn shoves him away, but Garcia then scoops up his opponent up over his head and slams him to the mat. Wow. Blackburn quickly gets back to his feet, though, and this already-exciting bout continues. The fighters trade jabs and smile as they do so. Both guys striking with remarkable speed. Garcia lands a nice one-two to the chest before blocking a body kick. Garcia connects on a right as Blackburn closes the distance. The fighters trade shots at the exact same time and then smile and wink at each other. Again, the fighters trade shows, and Garcia starts to get the better of it. Blackburn, though, doesn't budge and continues trying to time his shots. More punches from both fighters, but they remain just out of range. Blackburn goes low with a kick and then lands a nice one to the body. Garcia lands a glancing right on the subsequent exchange and unloads a quick flurry that forces Blackburn to cover up as the round ends, but one blow is an illegal knee to the groin. Fantastic first round. scores it 10-9 for Garcia.

Round 2 - Blackburn gets an additional minute to recover from the knee to the groin before the second round begins. The fighters again take to the center of the cage and trade punches. They match each other strike for strike while waiting for the home-run shot. Garcia strikes first with a nice blow that delights the crowd. Blackburn lands a shot the head before retreating. Garcia pushes forward but retreats, and we start again. Blackburn with a lot of head movement and footwork as he awaits an opening. Garcia backs him off by feigning a left. Garcia complains of a kick to the groin, and we have a brief timeout. Garcia fires off a couple nice low kicks before eating a jab when he comes in for a third. However, he catches Blackburn with two quick straight punches. Blackburn connects on a leg kick, but Garcia shakes it off. Blackburn gets tripped up while looking for an opening and briefly retreats before the fighters take the center of the cage again. Garcia lands a low kick of his own before the fighters each connect on a quick hook to the other's face. scores a close round for Garcia, 10-9.

Round 3 - The fighters again take to the center of the cage and patiently trade single shots. Garcia lands a nice jab, but the pace has slowed as each looks for the big shot. Blackburn connects on the tailend of a combo before partially connecting on a face kick that wakes up Garcia. Blackburn land a body kick, but Garcia staggers him with a combo and starts to stalk. The crowd senses Blackburn is hurt, and Garcia continues throwing, but Blackburn quickly regains his composure. Neither fighter will change the game plan, and the fighters throw punches but no bunches. Blackburn lands a nice combo and body kick and backs up Garcia. Garcia pushes forward with a right, but Blackburn again catches him with a combo and then a body kick. Neither fighter has even considered a takedown. Garcia now connects, and sure enough, Blackburn scores a trip takedown. Garcia gets back up and blasts Blackburn with a blow that sends a splash of blood all over both competitors, and Garcia trips to the mat before the round ends. A nice ovation for the two fighters. scores it 10-9 for Garcia, though the fight was closer than the scores would indicate. Brad Blackburn def. Edgar Garcia via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28.). Wow. Just wow. The post-fight interview is drowned out by a steady stream of boos.
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