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Originally Posted by Tyburn
...and yet you never respond to my PMs

Did that make you feel bad

No, I was going to post a video response, but my camera's fugged up again, so I couldn't. By the time I got it working, it'd been too long, so I just decided to forget it.

Answer me this, though, Dave: if you challenge me to a football (i.e. soccer) match, & I show up & play an American football game, do I win the match if I score more touchdowns? Nope. If I don't play by the rules, I either lose outright (like you did), or I'll get DQed, which also counts as a loss. Just because you're not smart enough to check the rules doesn't mean you have t oabide by them.

Tell yourself what ever you like, Dave, but you lost & I won.
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