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Originally Posted by Krupp
Although he's been beat by Silva before, I believe Dan Henderson could do it. He just needs to be a bit less reckless in the stand up department against Anderson and you know what? He could take the fight. I've said that I don't know how many fricken times now. And if you believe that, I'll give you another; if Wanderlei can get back on track, he could beat Anderson too.

At least these two fighters are willing to take the fight to anderson. How many 185 pound fighters have been doing that lately?

I agree on your Henderson point. The first round of that fight showed Dan handle Anderson completely. It wasnt until the next round where he got reckless and abandoned the gameplan that gave him great success in the first round.

Wandy vs Anderson would be a incredible fight. The advantages Anderson has had over most opponents would be nullified by Wandys schooling in those same areas.

I think Alves is a elite fighter, but I think GSP has went beyond that and taken it to the level of a "art". I think it will be a extremely competetive match but I think GSPs superiority in all aspects of the fight game will win him this fight.
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