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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
I also thinks it's especially funny that it's now been proven that vegetables feel "pain" when you harvest them, so saying that they're vegans so they don't hurt living things is hypocritical. They're going to have to starve themsleves if they want to avoid eating things with feelings.
A Vegan would point out that most of what is harvested from the plant is leaves (which wont kill the plant) Seed pods...(so it would be like cutting a finger nail...the seed pod is designed to detach itself) or the root (in which case...yes, I imagine thats most distressing for the plant.

Plants are not conscious and have no nervous system, therefore they dont "feel" pain exactly, they do however Acknowledge damage on a frequency that we cant hear. They let out a high pitched noise when they are seriously damaged.

As all life runs on could be a byproduct of something electrical, and not infact even a recognition of the damage...we simply dont know....Plants also secrete substances when they perceive a threat, that threat, again electrical in nature...thats easily measurable by hooking a plant up to a polygraph. If you then threaten it, its secretion levels rise

Threatening behaviour, could be getting up real close to a plant and imagining it on fire. The plant doesnt know you are thinking a nasty thought, but if your electrical impulses are strong enough, it might provoke a reaction within the plants electrical system....That is what they believe certain forms of Empathy are based around....Someone being able to interpret the Electrical energy coming off another person if in very close proximity.
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