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OK, so I slept through the English trials (hurrah!!), but I'm tuning into the US now.

-Miller/Knab: pretty f'ed up if Dana chose to put the teammates against each other. I mean, if it was just a ratings thing, then it would have worked better later in the season after we got to see what good buddies.
-Richie/Paul: I hate guys who talk about "Once that cage door closes, I can legally do whatever I want." Guys like that are still thinking of the UFC Dark Ages, not of the athletic competition that it really is.
-Lowe/Defranco: Man, after looking thoroughly craptastic the first round, Defranco turned it up in that 2nd round. If he's that close to quitting in a prelim fight, though, how's he going to handle an elimination bought against the UK?
-Berger/Pierce: Woo-hoo?
-Dollar/Hayden: Nice comeback, but not certain he'l ldo too much for Team USA
-Johnson/Elbe: "I'm here to get paid & hurt people's feelings". I remember liking DJ The first time I heard that. Elbe's MT is pretty obvious. Standing straight up, lotsa kicks, oooo lead elbow! Wow, MT guy goes for the TD? Prolly not the best idea against a Jeremy Horn disciple!! Nice elbows from mount, good control while Elbe tries to shuck him off. Great finish, Elbe looks like he got run over.

O man, I completely forgot that Mini-Browning was on for an episode. Faaaaaaaantastic.
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