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Originally Posted by Buzzard
Just to throw in my .02. Whenever an illegal buys something, they pay taxes. Many who have a forged social security card and use it to get a job, pay taxes and won't get anything in return if/when they "retire."

There are legal jobs out there where the minimum wage doesn't have to be paid if you work for tips. A waitress is one of them. Off hand I don't know the other occupations where this the norm.

Not for or against anything here, just saying.
You're right and wrong.
They pay sales tax.

The largest portion of tax is what comes out of a paycheck,
not the state sales tax that we pay when we buy something.
Also, not every state even has sales tax.

Also, I was unaware of jobs that get under min wage,
because they don't do that in this state, here even a waitress get min + tips.
And our min is like 8.25.
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