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Originally Posted by F34R
Maybe they have gotten passed all that Lesnar point deduction crap already. Maybe the AC has reviewed all that and passed new instructions down to the refs on how to handle certain situations. I can't wait to see an armchair ref actually in the ring, applying rules without making mistakes on the big stage.

Btw, I disagreed with the point deduction AND the stand up in the Lesnar fight. Until they did an interview with Mazz and he explained that he had yelled warnings out to Brock before the second attack on the back of Mirs head had commenced. He also explained WHY he infracted him, and the reasoning of the way he enforced the rules.
yeah, i'd like to see that notice. i'm pretty sure it would be front page news on any MMA site if the rules were to change. fact is, Mazz stood him up, took a point after 1 warning. Dean allowed 3 warnings, did nothing and threatened only to stand them up, no point deduction. has nothing to do with perfect, you either have a set number of warnings or you don't.

Mazz is the worst ref in the he still reffing? he ignored Evans beating Griffin's ass by standing behind him, pretending he didn't see what was happening. he could have stopped it there but didn't.

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