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Default If you could tell Dana ....

3 things.. what would they be??


1. Bring back the raised walkouts.. I HATE the walk through the crowd.. some one will get an eye poke sooner or later..

2. "Super Fights" - more "catch weight" fights. Fans REALLY want to see "cross weight" fights.

3. STOP CUTTING FIGHTERS - Rich Clementi being cut after 2 losses??? Andrei Cut? WTF?? at the VERY least explain to the fans... Think more long term...if you need to...

Chuck, Matt, Jens, Randy... dude.. they helped make MMA what it is... they fight who they want.. when they want... back off when it comes to some of the "guys that brought you to the dance.."
It is because you chose to get on the mat that makes you the winner. Think about how many people are not on that mat right now. - Luis Sucuri Togno
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