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Originally Posted by ufcfan2
That the truth for sure,if its one thing it will be another.
Theres gotta be something to help with healthcare in the US. Not everyone is fortunate to have a high paying job or able to afford good healthcare and I think everyone should have it in some form.
Its not an easy fix and your not gonna make everyone happy no matter what ya do. Im not in total agreement with a gov't controlled healthcare,but I wouldn't be opposed to some form of it. Maybe a select few centers that gov't run that competes w/private firms,always think competition is healthy.
I think the first thing to have better health care is to get ur population healthy by eating healthy and avoiding unneccesary drugs,foods,additives etc...I think the healthcare insurence industry and credit card industry is the most evil industries and are practially allowed to do anything they want.
I agree that there are areas to work on. And the gov't does help some. As far as I know, every county has a Health Dept for govt approved things like immunizations, etc. Then every county has a gov't affiliated ER where no one can be turned away. And then most have a clinic to deal with chronic disease such as Diabetes and Hypertension, etc. So, we have some good help.

I still think that competition is the best way to go. If the gov't wants to get in involved then they should implement some regulations for the private sector.. For instance, they could force the insurance companies to provide better rates individuals, like maybe the same rates as they allow through an employer. Allow each individual to pick and choose their plan. For example, some states require that the insurance cover smokers, pysch, etc. If you know you don't need that type of coverage then you shouldnt have to pay extra. Also, allow people to shop around and buy from companies in other states if they want. This would create a lot of competition and drive prices down. AND this would allow the private sector to continue as they choose and the gov't would have more money to implement healthcare only for the ones who wanted and/or needed it.
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