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Originally Posted by David_Banner
I think this just comes down to Tydurn defending a fellow Brit because really its baseless. People, generations removed, from the place of their familys origin claim and are excepted as, at least in part, by who their ancestors were. Theres no harm in that and I believe that is a very honest embrace of who they are as people. Argueing basically people that do this are posers is blind and nonsensical. I'm sure any full blooded Irish person who saw Davis coming in saluting Ireland was overjoyed, and is def a Davis fan now.
Nah, Dave is just racist against the Irish just like all the other Englishmen!

Remember Braveheart was set back in the 1300s and that Irish guy said, "If I risk my neck for you, will I get a chance to kill Englishmen?" Unfortunately, 700 years later, things still haven't changed on either side.
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