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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Lets not forget he is trying to gain British Support as something other then American. THATS the issue. He keeps ending up on British and European Cards where he is pretty much billed as a Brit or a European.

He is niether....He's NOT an Irish Hand Grenade...he's an AMERICAN one.

And...You are An American with a Native American, and Irish always makes me laugh when Americans say I am 2/10ths this, and 3/4ers that. After Three Generations, when you can claim to be a doesnt really matter does it. Its Heratage not Nationality
Yeah, I understand that, but the point is, the guy is 100% Irish by birthright like it or not. He just happened to be born and grow up in the U.S. If he were Korean and claimed to be Korea, I doubt any whitey would disagree just because he doesn't have a Korean accent.

Haha, yeah, I was literally making fun of that. The U.S. actually has laws regarding claiming ethnicity based on percentages of lineage from different races. Also, the Olympic committee is the same - I believe there was some American who played basketball for the Lakers who was 1/8 German and played for the German team this past summer. I think 1/8 is the minimum for them. So Dave, like it or not, that's just how things go, although, I agree with you.
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