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Originally Posted by NateR
No, I'm saying that they are "massaging" the numbers and manipulating the statistics to say exactly what they want them to say. I don't distrust all statistics, however I would never make a decision based solely on statistics. Simply because I know how easily they can be manipulated. It was a topic that I learned a lot about in both Sociology and Psychology while I was in college.

And, yes, I don't trust any International or World organization. Any government body that big and that powerful can't be anything but corrupt.

I also don't understand this notion that the US must be popular in the world, or the fantasy that we were ever well respected by the entire world at any point in the past. I've found anti-America posters from France dating as far back as 1950. Only five years after we saved their butts from the Nazis and they're back to hating us again. Trying to turn foreign policy into a popularity contest is just a losing battle. And trying to conform to other nations for the sole purpose of being popular is nonsense.

So, how we're perceived by the world because of our healthcare system is irrelevant. If these nations don't hate us for that, then they'll just find another reason to hate us.
That the truth for sure,if its one thing it will be another.
Theres gotta be something to help with healthcare in the US. Not everyone is fortunate to have a high paying job or able to afford good healthcare and I think everyone should have it in some form.
Its not an easy fix and your not gonna make everyone happy no matter what ya do. Im not in total agreement with a gov't controlled healthcare,but I wouldn't be opposed to some form of it. Maybe a select few centers that gov't run that competes w/private firms,always think competition is healthy.
I think the first thing to have better health care is to get ur population healthy by eating healthy and avoiding unneccesary drugs,foods,additives etc...I think the healthcare insurence industry and credit card industry is the most evil industries and are practially allowed to do anything they want.
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