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Originally Posted by Neezar
Contrary to popular belief, I find that the black and white people in the south live in better harmony than you might think. I passed the NCAACP chapter's building the other day and it is deserted, lack of business. Most people you see in the public eye speaking of these issues today are NOT from the south. We are doing pretty good down here while people still have this misconcieved notion that the racial war is still more prevelant in the south than anywhere else. I think that it may be quite the opposite.
I would agree with that completely. One of the greatest benefits of being in the Army is getting to meet people from all over the country. I can tell you that the most racist white people I ever knew were from the Northern states like Minnesota, Oregon and Washington. I don't think I ever met a white supremacist from a southern state.

However, of all the racist people I met in the Army, I can say that probably 90% of them were black or hispanic. Over ten years in the Army and I can still count the number of racist whites that I met on one hand.
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