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Originally Posted by County Mike
Very true. I was in Atlanta not long ago and most of the people there were black. They were also some of the friendliest people I've ever met. Way nicer than the people in the northeast and race never seemed to be an issue at all.
Originally Posted by Neezar
Contrary to popular belief, I find that the black and white people in the south live in better harmony than you might think. I passed the NCAACP chapter's building the other day and it is deserted, lack of business. Most people you see in the public eye speaking of these issues today are NOT from the south. We are doing pretty good down here while people still have this misconcieved notion that the racial war is still more prevelant in the south than anywhere else. I think that it may be quite the opposite.

I'm sick & tired of people assuming that conservatives/southerners hate black people (coughcoughKANYEWESTcoughcough). To assume something of my character, based solely on my skin color & geographical place of residence, is racism. Pure & simple.
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