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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
So, Valesquez sounds only Mexican? What about Honduras, Belize, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Spain (Europe), the Philippines (Asia), Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, etc.?

At least Davis is known as Welsh, Irish, or French. Go study some Irish genealogy Dave. Trust me, I know some of it, my last name is Fitzgerald

Besides, there are plenty of blacks who've lived in America for 10 generations or more, and they still claim to be African American. So why aren't they being blasted? Let's get Jesse Jackson on the phone!

Let's see, my family came here in the 1850s and I'm 1/8 Sioux Indian, so that makes me Irish Native American. I'm going to start living in a teepee and eating lucky charms.
Lets not forget he is trying to gain British Support as something other then American. THATS the issue. He keeps ending up on British and European Cards where he is pretty much billed as a Brit or a European.

He is niether....He's NOT an Irish Hand Grenade...he's an AMERICAN one.

And...You are An American with a Native American, and Irish always makes me laugh when Americans say I am 2/10ths this, and 3/4ers that. After Three Generations, when you can claim to be a doesnt really matter does it. Its Heratage not Nationality
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