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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
See rather than attacking what is HAPPENING IN THE HERE AND NOW, you just find a way to keep attacking a conservative. What Rush said was wrong, and it would not be the first time.

Do you condone what Letterman said?
I haven't heard yet what he said, so I'm in no position to condone or rail against him for it. I only read about it through this forum and other online sources within the past fifteen minutes. If I do recall though, Bristol Palin was interviewed on her own after the elections and talked of her personal life, baby, etc. She then became a public figure on her own. Her pitching abstinence while becoming pregnant and having a baby out of wedlock opened her up for jabs. If she didn't want the attention, good or bad, she should have stayed out of the public eye and not sounded hypocritical in her views on abstinence.

How did I "just find a way to keep attacking a conservative?" Is it because I said Nate uses his "conservative christian" victim card? I've seen that card played often here.
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