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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
Oh, and I did actually decide to send Bill O'Reilly an email with my story. I don't expect any response, since it's pretty much a needle in a haystack. Still, I have been an O'Reilly follower for quite a while now, and I actually consider him a primary influence in my love for broadcasting and journalism.

I have never wrote Mr. O'Reilly anything like this before, and even if he does not mention it on air, I would just like to know that he read the story. It's like, if O'Reilly wrote me back and just said, "Yes, JB, he is a pinhead", all would be well in the Rattlesnake's world again!
True Story:

This kid I knew in highschool is friends with O'Reilly's nephew or something and the kid I know lost both of his parents and was living with his sister and Bill O'Reilly being the cool dude that he is bought him a nice used beamer as a grad gift.

This kid was actually a huge douche bag at time but usually only around his friends. If you got him alone he was a cool kid.
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