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Originally Posted by Tyburn
It worked in Zimbabwe with Robert Mugabe! He now has to power share with the guy he claimed didnt beat him in the ellections. It was unheard of for the supporters of the other guy to actually stand up to the government. They went public and piled on the pressure

You see Iran told these people not to protest. But the protest was a FIVE MILE LONG group of people. The Government simply wasnt expecting the people to dare to defy. So far nothing more then one supporter wounded and a few cars on fire.

Now the Chinese would have sent in the Military by now...but the Islamist Government is still reeling in shock that the people have dared, en masse, peacfully, to actually react.

Quite honnestly, they have never been in this situation, and may not know what to do...especially as now the whole world is watching and guess whose side they appear to be on.
Well, the news says that right now only 7 people are dead, so I guess that's promising...
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