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Originally Posted by TexasRN
I know for sure he's over 200. I will get a better number when I get home. He's featured in the most recent Fight Magazine and they discuss it. I want to say 210 but can't swear to it. He's very heavy for a WW.

Maybe I'm wrong, here's an interview from Dana:
Here is an interview Dana did on a Canadian radio sports show

Dana: let me tell you, I just saw Alves. I'm not kidding you, we did a photo shoot in Vegas and so I was looking at some of the pictures and then we came on a picture of this thing that we did with Alves and GSP...... I though it was Rampage!

Raido Host: “he's that big”

Dana: yeah that's how big he is, he is huge

Raido Host:“he is going to have cut...... he's going to have to cut alot” “

Dana: he is going to have to cut a leg off or something I don't what he is going have to do to get down to GSP's weight.

Radio Host: Laughs

Dana: He is enormous man I couldn't believe how big he was.

Dana: You know this kid gets older and he keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Radio Host: Do you think at some point .....he's pretty young....he is going to have to go up at some point?

Dana: He is going to have to start focusing on cutting that weight now and doing the right thing to get down to weight. because he doesn't want to come into that fight and not make weight then it is not a title fight.
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