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Originally Posted by Bonnie
I agree with Amy; I bet he barely makes it. I thought it was in poor taste for him to be begging DW for a title fight after his bout with Matt when he didn't even make weight. And, I didn't believe that excuse about him hurting his ankle either.

Forget this catchweight--if the fighter doesn't make weight, his opponent should automatically get both their fight monies and shouldn't have to fight the dweeb. I know, at least I think, they don't have to take the fight if their opponent is over (lbs), but I feel like the fighter probably feels pressured to accept the catchweight and fight anyway. I don't think a fighter should have to make that choice because it will "help out" the promotion for the fight to go on (which includes furious fans who've already bought their tickets to see certain fights, etc...). I just think it's unfair to the fighter who made weight to allow the other guy to fight when he didn't do what was required.

I know, I know, it's not "realistic" or practical money-wise for the organization, but they're not the ones getting in the cage and possibly taking a "loss" on their record because the other guy had a weight advantage.
i agree with you but unfortunately it wouldnt happen that way. if the fight wasnt a co main event or main event then maybe a fighter would be able to refuse to fight but in the ufc (especially ufc 100) there is no way that a fighter wouldnt take the fight and gsp is not the kind of guy that would not fight like that.
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