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Originally Posted by clm12704
Cain Velasquez is as Mexican as Davis is Irish, yet nobody knocks him for boasting of his Mexican heritage. Cain was born in the states to an immigrant father, yet he has Mexican flag gloves and carries the Mexican flag coming in. Is anybody going to start knocking him for doing the same thing? Maybe they should...
Think very carefully and tell me what Cain Valasquez has, that Marcus Davis does not.

I illustrate my point.

Marcus O'Brian would get away with it...

Also...forgive me for being Technical...but firstly, if Cain was born to an immigrant, that means his Father was not an American means Cain can honnestly say by rights that he wasnt born to an American Family. Secondly, Cain is only one Generation removed from his far back do you have to go with Davis to find an Irish Citizen? Three...Four...most likely...possibly further back then there a living member of his Family who IS Irish? If his Parents are, then I retract the latter.
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