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Default Iran on the Verge of a Second Revolution

The Public have had enough of the President of Iran who it is suspected tainted the results of the Ellection to keep himself in power.

The Nation has dared to defy the President, with a peaceful, a ghostly and completely silent protest in the capital. They all came out and simply stood together, along with the candidates who were defeated supposedly during the ellection.

People...Iran stands on the edge of Civil War tonight. It looks like they will not be in any position to cause trouble with the United States in the near future.

The perfect demonstration has forced the Government to announce they will actually recount the votes. In an Islamic Islamic State, this kind of rebellion is nigh on unheard of. To go against State is to go against Islam as the Religion is State Sponcered.

I am staggered by this report. The signs are that those people will once again reconvene there stare down against the Government tommorow.
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