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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy
No one is arguing that fact, but do you honestly think these farmers are going to pay minimum wage to tax paying Americans? Hell no they aint. I think some jobs no one wants these happen to be them last summer 14 deaths in California were attributed to these conditions. I don't give a s*it if your white, brown, purple, green its not humane and very unethical. I personally have been sending letters to congressman in California asking that these farm owners have accountability for cheating the system out of paying taxes by hiring illegals and on the humanitarian side for basically having slaves in this day and age. Sometimes it sickens me how its all about the politics, but never the care of a human being. Totally sickening and hypocritical.
Sorry Melis but I'm going to have to disagree with you on this and lean more towards what Atom is saying. Certain benefits come at a cost and it is far from slavery because these people do have a choice to leave. They are not shackled at the end of the day and locked in the barn.

They are cheating our system and are just as guilty as the farmers themselves.
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