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Originally Posted by Tyburn
So do I.

Josh wouldnt feel that way if he met Kongo, as I have done. The guy has a very soft spirit. Sure I think he is prone to getting angry and yeah if he is smashed in the balls, he might just tern round and play tit-for-tat...but he actually is good natured. He wouldnt be malicious about cheating.

He has a strange sense of Humour though, that is true. He feels really bad right now, I wish people wouldnt be so mean about him.
He took the fight late, against someone considered very dangerous and congo has everything to lose and little to gain. Had he beaten Cain he still wouldnt have a title shot.

All we get is abuse about his lack of ground skills but to his credit he almost delivered two shots that could of been huge KO's. He fought a very good wrestler and never never gave up. He took one hell of a pounding but kept delivering damage back and i felt his frustration on the number of occasions he got close to escaping, that Cain was just relentless and never gave Cheick anytime.

So i would ask those who want to hate him that they can at least respect the heart and courage of Congo and also acknowledge that he is a good fighter who has earnt his way there.

The sad thing is that i would love to see Congo against Brock, i'd think it would be a great fight and i do think that Congo is only a fraction away from the top. Either he has to be more active with Sub's to scare people like Cain from just rolling with him or get a stronger wrestlinng base.

Whenever he speaks, in any interview he always seems a gentleman and never complains too much.

It annoys me that people make judgements on this "cheat" thing without watching the full video to see its context.

The same goes for videos on Rashad though.
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