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Originally Posted by Max
that would kinda work except that he had the fight scored 30 - 27 which means he scored every round 10 - 9 Rich. If he were deducting points every time there was an illegal blow (the headbutt in round 1 and eye poke in round 3) he should have scored those 2 rounds 10 - 8 or 9 - 9.

Over all the card was ok. Im glad Dan won and IMO I had the fight scored 29 - 28 Hendo.
Yes...I see what you mean. I assume that the difference in score wasnt due to Henderson losing a round, but due to him being careless.

The only reason I'm happy Henderson won, is that it will push him under the TUF bus rather then Franklin again. Franklin didnt sound like he really wanted to do TUF again...and someone different means a whole Tabla Vasa doesnt it
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