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Originally Posted by David_Banner
I just dont get the really nasty slander. He went after Davis hard in the press, calling him everything from a poser to a gatekeeper. You just can't forget any of that stuff was said. This will be a great rematch.
Well...Marcus Davis is not Irish, thats the thing that bothers Dan Hardy. He might have an Irish Hereditry, but he comes out in a Kilt, and with an Irish flag, and he is quietly classed as a European/British Fighter...when he is an American.

I didnt realize that Marcus was such a sore loser to rubuff Dan Hardy twice after he lost. It was close, but the third round sealed Davis into defeat without a doubt.

It wont change a thing, because technically speaking, Hardy is right. Taxonomically, Marcus Davis is not European, not even close, whether he has heratage and a nickname or not. Thats just fact...its a common trait amoung americans because their own culture lacks history for them to announce that their Hereditry (which they all have because few are native to the land pre European conquest) is actually their nationality, and its simply not True.

Thats like me claiming to be scottish just because my surname is Duff. Sure, My Grandfather was Scottish, so I have a hereditry in Scot Nobility to be precise, but I would never pass myself off as being a Scot, and I would only wear my Clans Tartan at an important occasion. Infact, to date I have never worn the Kilt...I might do for the first time next year at my Sisters Wedding...but that reflects Family Tradition, not my nationality.

Hardy is right, and he backed it up, and Marcus Davis should have reacted better.
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