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Originally Posted by que
i want to see a real official statement from dana and from mirko before i make any judgements. all of this is coming from kevin iole who everyone knows has been known as a rumor starting liar for a long time. all the other websites refer back to kevin iole's "report". for all we know mirko will be fighting in UFC again in another 3 or 4 PPV's and this is some kind of MMA community rumor bullcrap. the truth will come out in a couple days. in crocops postfight interview on he says he will talk to dana next and wants to fight randy or nog. it doesn't sound like he wants to screw dana over to me.

Exactly, another article states Mirko was trying to reach Dana and assure him he didnt sign any deal with Dream.. I just can't believe this, I think this is Dream trying to slander Crocop or somethiing, this is just crazy.
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