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here is the translation. all i can say is, if this is true then dana owes mirko an apology

ZAGREB - on the same saturday evening in wich Mirko Filipovic defeated british Mustapha Al Turk in only 3 minutes, the president of the American organization UFC Dana White with no arguments accused Cro Cop for fraud and being a hypocrite.

Ten days ago the two came to a deal over the phone for a fight at UFC 99 in Koln Lanxess Arena, leaving the option for two additional fights in future events. However, UFC boss felt cheated because he tought that Croatian fighter signed a contract with the Japanese DREAM. (then there is a quote of what dana said..)

However, the truth is that Cro Cop did not sign for DREAM or UFC yet and is still opened for all offers. Furthermore, Mirko expected a talk with Dana immediately after the event and is surprised with the accusations that came from the UFC president.

"I can not realize on how White fell for the rumors instead of talking to me. I was hoping that we will talk about further cooperation, because the only opened question was the frequency of fights. I do not want to sit at home for months and wait for the call. Still, i am thankful to White for giving me a chance to fight in Cologne and despite his harsh words i see no reason not to continue our cooperation" - Mirko said after his return from Germany.

White invited Cro Cop to fight in Germany to use his charisma of being the most popular European fighter and suggested him two more fights, as long as he dont fight for other organizations. DREAM is also offering 3 fights, but all of them this year. Why would it be strange for Mirko to still consider both offers?

The aftermath of the story is expected in the next few days, but, considering Whites outburst in Cologne, Mirko could be closer to Japanese ring than to American octagon.

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