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Before the server crash, or whatever the problem was, there was a lot of intense discussion here about the problems with EUF 8, most of which centered around Junie Browning, although there were other issues. As I recall, and Tyburn may want to correct me on this, he had argued rather strongly that the show would give the wrong idea of what MMA was about.

Looking back on that, I can see his point. Yesterday, to clear out DVR space, I deleted the TUF 8 stuff but not before watching some of it. Bader and a couple of the other fighters were very good although that got lost in all the crap.

So why was that done? Marketing I would guess. I think the same thing was done with this season. Wasn't this just a ploy to hype Bisping some more? Not that he needed that. Or was there something else? I just don't get it.
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