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Originally Posted by NateR
First of all, I don't believe Iraq was a useless war. We deposed a brutal dictator, who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of his own people and had used WMDs on his enemies in the past. If you look at the time period between when we started that war, when Saddam was killed, and when Iraq held their first free elections, then compare that to the casualty numbers of American soldiers, then it's the most successful war in American history. We lost more soldiers in one day in WW2 and Korea than we have in the entire 6 years we've been in Iraq.

Also, since 9/11, how many terrorist attacks have happened on American soil? Zero? That's right. So I believe that's proof of absolute success on George W. Bush's part. Of course, you liberals have been brainwashed to believe that this has been the darkest period in US history. But those of us still capable of thinking for ourselves see the truth and realize that you are all 100% wrong in your assessment of the previous administration.

Yes, Gitmo is the last little thing that you are clinging to by your fingernails as evidence of Bush's "evil." However, he did nothing that hasn't been done to enemy combatants in every other war in US history. Even Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus for Confederate soldiers and those were American citizens! So maybe you should learn a little bit about history before buying into the popular liberal propaganda.
i believe there has been no attack on US not because of the Iraq second invasion, but because of the Afghan war ... (although there have been attacks on US embassies since then which is US soil, but i know what you mean) ... like i said, the whole point of my rant was you are talking about US citizens that you "think" are going to die under BO's reign when nothing has happened yet .. give him a chance ..
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