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Cain Valasquez V Cheick Kongo. The Ref is that Dan bloke again

round one

Very, very bad round for cheick Kongo. The first moment was fine, he flawed Cain, but then got taken down, and that was it, it was a never ending flow of. Cain goes to mount, Cheick gives his back, Cain takes Back and tries Choke, Cheick Scrambles, Cain goes to al...for almost four moments. Everytime Kongo manages to get up..he gets taken right down again. Although he ended strong.

Round Two

Again Kongo almost flaws Valasquez, but then they lock up and Cain gets the takedown...and here we go again I am NOT kidding...its like Round one is on eternal repeat. Kongo is gassing Kongo is bleeding now too.

Kongo has heart...and Cain has to watch the back of the head...other then that.

Round Three



Without a miracle KO that is wholly undeserved I'm afraid Cheick Kongo is well and truely finished

Briefly tries half way through the round...but it is to no avail...
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