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Mirko Crocop V Al Turk.

You know its strange because the first UFC I went to and watched live was UFC70 at was the date on which Gabriel Gonzaga did to Crocop what he usually used to do to everyone else. We thought that he had been killed when we were in the Auditorium. I like Crocop and want to see him back to being well, but they shouldnt rush it. I think that Al Turk is an alright guy for Crocop to fight, I dont want to say he is a can...BUT I think that he would be causeing a huge upset if he won.

the Ref is Dan maglottia...or whatever his name is...I dont like him...he's the guy who raises the wrong hand at the decision

round one

Al Turk is extremely aggressive, but for the first two moments, Crocop just played matadore. Then Mirko Exploded and flawed him. Crocop allowed him to stand, and then got the TKO...but he got it because...yes people...Crocop performed AN EYE POKE...and I SAW IT...but the Dumbass Ref...well...he saw nothing
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