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Ben Saunders V Mike Swick. Ref is my friend Leon Roberts!! He looks bloody huge compared to what he looked like last weekend when I spoke to him last

Round One

"are you just gonna hold me all night bitch" Says Mike Swick when the first half round is spent on top of Saunders just beating him...but without being able to actually beat him because his arms are all tied up. finally they stand and trade. they become locked up but..well...nothing but knees...and thats how it ends

Round Two

they lock up again, and Swick gets an excellent takedown and goes into Mount. But Saunders is equally efficient with getting out without giving up his back and stopping Swick with a butterfly guard that Mike cant bust through. Leon stands them up. Very slow on the feet, until finally Swick gets close enough with combinations to crumble Saunders and gets a TKO win.
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