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Now Caol Uno (although he is thirty-four, he looks really...erm...youthful...its bizzare!) and Spencer Fisher, He's being accompanied by Matt Pena.

yamazaki as ref

Very slow start indeed. I think that Spencer is winning, he is doing it by kicks when they are locked up, but they were locked against the fence so long there was a restart. There was two major takedowns by Uno, and it has to be said, spencer has developed an almighty sprawl.

Second round. Both guys get a takedown, but Spencer is remarkable in his sprawl and scramble and really good at trying to keep Uno in his guard. He really is working for his money tonight. The fans dont like it...but thats because its reasonably slow....but if you watch whats going on its fascinating

I think thats two rounds to Spencer myself....I think Matt Pena is dissagreeing with me...but its hard to make out what they are saying in the corner.

uno is just sticking to Fisher like super glue...but Fisher keeps getting back up....I think it makes Uno look worse then it does help him. It might neutralize Fisher but it doesnt solve anything.

beautifully Fisher gets a takedown, jumps to side control and then gets rolled over by Uno and so they go back to the feet. Very nice indeed.

Uno gets mount within the last might have won him the fight that.

The decision goes to....and its Unan towards...Spencer Fisher.
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