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So its Marcus Davis V Dan Hardy, Marcus did really well, it was slow to start, but he managed to get two takedowns, Dan is very good defensivley, but other then a few strikes at the end (one of which cut Davis) and a few footstomps...he didnt do so well

It is my friend Marc Goddard who is the Ref. They hate each other because Marcus pretends to be Irish with his flag and kilt...but Dan pointed out he was really american.

The second round was hard to score, they traded and Dan hardy did well. Then Marcus gets dropped...looked like a flash KO, but Marc didnt see it, they continued on the ground and Marcus made plenty of submission attempts but they didnt get far. They were stood up and Marcus took Hardy down

third round begins with Marcus knocking down Dan, but its nothing but a position struggle on the ground. It ends when Dan gets to the feet in a scramble after several leg lock attempts by Marcus. Hardy gets a takedown, the cut gets worse for Marcus so they stop the fight to have it checked. They aggree to a restart. I dont know how to score the last moment Marc stands them up.

...and it goes to a decision. Razor close...I mean Marcus Davis looks like shyte...but...he might have been the technical better...Its impossible for me to tell. First round Marcus, second round Davis...third round..who knows!

the judges give it to....its split....DAN HARDY
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