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Originally Posted by VCURamFan

Doesn't matter.
Theoretically, yes.

What you don't seem to understand, Dave, is that America is not England with a few changes. We have a system of Checks & Balances in place so that no particular branch is able to rule over/dominate the others. It is Congress's duty to decide whether or not we go to war. Period. End of sentence. It doesn't matter who's idea it is, who suggests it, or who pushes for it. If Congress says "War", then America's at war. If Congress says "Peace", then America's at peace.

Now, the President is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, so if Congress says "War", he could theoretically say "No thanks" and not send troops, but that's never happened.

Seriously, before you start getting on your intellectual high-horse & try to tell Americans about what our country is/does/says/etc., perhaps you should read the Constitution. It's painfully clear from the comments you make that either you've never read it or never understood it.
Exactly, the President cannot declare war without the approval of the Congress. That's why Korea and Vietnam were considered "police actions" since there was no formal declaration of war from Congress in either instance.

The hypocritical thing about the whole Iraq War situation is that most of the Democrat Congressmen/women voted in favor of the war. They're trying to backtrack by saying that Bush lied to them over the reasons of the war, but they really just make themselves look like idiots if they voted to go to war without even attempting to research the facts for themselves.
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