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Originally Posted by TheConcretekid
A. sigh... using wrestling to nullify a striker's stand-up game (in this case, a pretty damn good stand-up game) IS controlling the fight. He slammed Nate a few times, scored takedowns, reversals, threw several high crotches, tied him up in the clinch, he worked a 3 quarter and I def saw him use a cradle, he nubbed Diaz's reversal/take down attempts. I think this was one of the best examples of using wrestling to complete control the fight.

Diaz had such a HUGE reach advantage and dangerous stand-up and he's a brown belt in BJJ. e.i. standing in front of him and banging is a terrible idea, and sitting in his guard is a terrible idea. Clay worked his wrestling and took away all options for Diaz. Perfection.

B. That was a pretty sweet full nelson, though it was the second I have seen in the UFC, I think Fitch did one as well. But he tried it as a submission where Clay used it EXTREMELY effectively to gain side control
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