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Originally Posted by NateR
The government can barely run the post office. I don't see how they could possibly manage the health of every American citizen, aside from controlling our every action and essentially squashing our freedoms to "protect" our health. Of course, they are already doing that with the cigarette companies.

I seriously don't understand how anyone would be STUPID enough to want to trust their lives to some detached, overworked, uncaring, government bureaucrat. Again, talk to our veterans and see just how satisfied they are with their free healthcare.
I think its a joke that every American sees things working all over the world,
but some how convinces themselves that OUR way of doing things is better.

Its a good giggle, and its that attitude that makes a lot of people hate us.
We think we're so much better, we do everything right, and we can't learn from anybody.

I think its sad as "the most powerful nation on earth" we can't figure out a way to have healthcare.
Very sad...
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