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Originally Posted by Neezar
My point was with an MRI the wait could kill ya.

We already have free health care. EVERY county in the US have free clinics. If you have a need it is there. The only complaint with those is the wait. As a matter of fact, the last complaint that I heard from you was the wait time in the ER. Well, you can triple that with Nationalized health care. But no, you personally won't have a bill. I will be paying it with my taxes.
Every county has a free clinic? You're wrong.

Not only that, but most free clinics only see a certain amount of people a day,
AND they do not do any emergency treatment, they will send you to the ER.

and no, WE will be paying it. Also, other countries spend LESS on healthcare than we do already.
So the myth than universal healthcare is more expensive is a complete joke.

oh, and why do you keep missing the part that LESS people are dying from things in other countries than they are here.
So the wait for the MRI isn't going to kill you, its ok. They have better mortality rates, look at the NUMBERS.

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