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Originally Posted by NateR
Seriously, that's just idiotic.

Ask any veteran how healthy and happy they are spending half of their lives waiting for care in VA hospitals. My brother tried to take advantage of the VA medical system and it took him six months just to get a blood test and even when he showed up for that blood test and sat two hours in the waiting room, it was cancelled and rescheduled for three months later.

But if you don't mind waiting....
and that is idiotic.

Ask any cancer victim who is in debt how they feel about their bill,
or losing their home, or going into debt....

Also, when you're in the military you can go to any emergency room in the country and be treated for free.
So... why didn't he go to a different hosp?
Not to mention, your comparison of military healthcare doesn't work.
Other countries (almost EVERY other one) have healthcare and better numbers than us. So.....

By the statistics, they are doing better than us, and saving money.
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