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Originally Posted by atomdanger
"Canada has 4.6 MRI scanners per million population while the U.S. had 19.5 per million. Canada's 10.3 CT scanners per million also ranked behind the U.S., which had 29.5 per million"

What about Canada?
They have a higher life expectancy and a better mortality rate than us.
You can't have EVERYTHING, and I personally would rather have to wait for an MRI and not worry about the bill.
People are so silly, you get caught up in the propaganda that the government is going to tell you what Dr to see,
and you're going to die of cancer while you wait for treatment,
and that just isn't the truth.
My point was with an MRI the wait could kill ya.
(edit: I have an MRI of the head in mind. lol. Not of your knees etc. I work in the ER and kinda have that mindset.)

We already have free health care. EVERY county in the US have free clinics. If you have a need it is there. The only complaint with those is the wait. As a matter of fact, the last complaint that I heard from you was the wait time in the ER. Well, you can triple that with Nationalized health care. But no, you personally won't have a bill. I will be paying it with my taxes.

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