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Originally Posted by Neezar
That is EXACTLY the line of thinking that I am talking about.

Ask Dave how long it took him to get one.

If you have a condition requiring an MRI then it is USUALLY something where getting it in a timely manner would most certainly make a difference. That is why I chose it as an example. But the same is true with ALL medical equipment. Under National health care programs equipment is one of the first things cut.
"Canada has 4.6 MRI scanners per million population while the U.S. had 19.5 per million. Canada's 10.3 CT scanners per million also ranked behind the U.S., which had 29.5 per million"

What about Canada?
They have a higher life expectancy and a better mortality rate than us.
You can't have EVERYTHING, and I personally would rather have to wait for an MRI and not worry about the bill.
People are so silly, you get caught up in the propaganda that the government is going to tell you what Dr to see,
and you're going to die of cancer while you wait for treatment,
and that just isn't the truth.
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