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Originally Posted by atomdanger
You also just can't compare to the UK.

We're the only industrialized country without health care,
doesn't that bother you?

and America is by far not top notch.
Look up polls, mortality rates, etc...
Just that one, for instance, by the World Health Org ranks us 37th.
(this one was done in 2000, but has it changed much in America?,
and it was just an example)
I am using the UK because it is one of the worst. Canada doesn't have much better numbers than the UK.

And no it doesn't bother me that we don't have nationalize health care. I think it sucks.

Does it bother you that the government wants to force you to pay for someone else's insurance (and shytty insurance to boot)?

Oh wait....Do YOU have a job? Do you have insurance?
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