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Red face Quandry

You probably all know that I worked for two years as a part time Verger in Saint Paul's Cathedral. You probably also know that I applied to York Minster, to replace a Verger who threw himself from the Westend Towers when I came to the end of my time in Saint Paul's and got turned down because I was sabotaged by my political enemies

You might know if you were on here pre the jump that I reapplied for York within the last two years and they didnt even give me an interview this time. You might have heard I had planned on Petitioning Bristol Cathedral, and Carlisle Cathedral but changed my mind. You might also know I made the short list for The Cathedral of Bath and Wells. I also offered my services to The Dean of Lincoln who has kept me on the books incase of vacancies...he was an allie of mine at SPC during my Tenure

What you probably didnt know is that a position has just become vacent at Sailsbury Cathedral...I dont know if I should apply or not. Sailsbury is the Final Premier if you dont include Westminster Abbey, right after Durham, SAint Paul's, York and Canterbury
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